Excitement will turn to nervousness this evening as the Council election results are revealed in the early hours of Friday morning.

Labour currently holds a ten seat majority over the Conservative party with today’s results not expected until the early hours of Friday morning.

As the parties make one last ditch attempt to acquire more voters, leader of the conservative party Michael Lavender believes that this election is an “absolute lottery” to predict.

He said: “I have been in positions where you know you are likely to lose and you know when you are likely to win. However this time around, I believe it is one of the most difficult elections to call.

“This is because of the sheer number of different candidates we have; six Independents, Trade Unionists, Greens, it is an absolute lottery and we are hopeful.”

Independent Gary Kousoulou revealed that he woke up at 4am this morning ahead of his first ever council election.

He said: “I am so excited to be involved in the election and I am very glad I put my name forward for this.  I have learnt a lot since I chose to stand and I think it would amaze everyone if one of the six Independent’s was elected.”

The Enfield Independent will be keeping up to date with reaction and results throughout the night with a special election blog.

The polls close at 10pm this evening.