They may be in their 90s but these great-grandparents could give most a run for their money when it comes to keeping fit and active.

The trio are the eldest members of the Jubilee Park Walking Club and, despite hitting retirement age almost three decades ago, they remain as determined as ever to push their physical limits.

Cliff Burridge, Arthur Godding and Irene Silvester have a combined age of more than 270 years, but the 90-year-olds are among the most dedicated members of the Lower Edmonton club.

The group meets up once-a-week at the Galliard Road venue for an active stroll and a coffee at the park cafe.

Cliff, who did not join the club until he was 86, said: “I just thought I would give it a try and I’ve been coming ever since. I enjoy keeping active and I still do a bit of physical exercise every day.

“I once had to run for a bus after my retirement and I was so out of breath that I vowed from then on I would keep fit and healthy – it benefits you enormously. God made us to move, not sit still in chairs all day.”

The club has several dozen regular members of all ages who meet at the park cafe every Tuesday morning at 9.30am.

Arthur, who has six great grandchildren and turned 90 on Friday, explained why he has always expected to stay fit into older age.

The former army parachutist said: “I had a hard upbringing, which I enjoyed, and I worked hard and had army training – I’ve had a wonderful life and I just get up and get on with it day after day. I expect I’ll continue like that until I’m finished.”

“It is extremely sociable and is as much about that as the exercise. People have different attitudes to retirement – I just cruise along.”

The determination of the nonagenarians is enough to inspire even the most dedicated couch potato, and Irene believes it is the regular exercise that keeps her body and mind in great shape.

The former factory worker said: “You can’t just sit around and do nothing – you have to keep going. I think a lot more people would reach the age of 90 if they got up and got going. You have to push yourself - that is what I do. There’s no such word as ‘can’t’ in my language.”