A court heard there was ‘growing animosity’ between a 17-year-old and a teenager who was stabbed to death last year.

Joshua Folkes, 17, of New Southgate, was stabbed to death in the early hours of December 3, 2013, in Bowes Road, Palmers Green.

A 17-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has been charged with murder along with Kreshnik Etemi, of Hill Road, Muswell Hill and Halil Alkay, of Glynn Road, in Wood Green.

On the first day of the trial today, prosecutor Simon Mayo said the pair had been friends in the past but a growing animosity had emerged between them

He described the events that led up to the unnamed 17-year-old stabbing Mr Folkes in the chest at the defendant's flat in Bowes Road.

Mr Mayo said a mutual dislike seemed to bubble over on October 31, 2013, when the two were at a flat next door to that of the defendant, owned by Kirk Surgeon.

After a disagreement between the pair, Mr Mayo said: "He [ the defendant] then requested for a number of a man named ‘J Hood’ several times."

The man known as ‘J Hood’ and two others later went to the flat after Mr Folkes had left and attacked Mr Surgeon, but the prosecution believe the attack was intended for Mr Folkes.

Mr Mayo then told the jury that on December 2, the defendant spoke to a neighbour, complaining that a man was in his flat.

According to the prosecution, the defendant then met with Etemi and Alkay before going back to the flat, which was occupied by Mr Folkes.

The unnamed defendant said in a statement that he acted in "self-defence" when stabbing Mr Folkes in the chest.

The three were seen running away from the scene and CCTV footage shot near the flat showed the men in Palmerston Road, adjacent to Bowes Road, some minutes later.

In the final part of his opening statement, Mr Mayo said that eye witness Gary Osborne, who was walking down Palmerston Road that evening, saw the three men walking away from the scene.

He said: "Mr Osborne described one man as white, the prosecution believe that to be Halil Alkay. Mr Osborne believed he heard Mr Alkay say ‘that shouldn’t have happened.’"

Mr Mayo also said that the eye witness identified the 17-year-old and stated that: "he was carrying a knife and said ‘what are we going to do with this, it’s still wet.’"

The trial had been delayed after one juror’s admitted to having links with Edmonton police. The juror was removed, which resulted in all jurors being sworn in again with a new juror.

Mr Mayo has now finished his opening statements and will now call upon witnesses.

All three men deny the murder charge.