In the fight against knife crime, Enfield North MP Nick de Bois has tabled an amendment in a bid impose tougher penalties to knife carriers.

The MP is hoping to amend a bill going through Parliament that will impose a mandatory four-month detention order for those under18 carrying a knife.

Calls have also been made to impose a six-month jail term for adults, but Liberal Democrat chiefs have dug their eels in over the legislation.

The Enfield Independent supported the Enfield North MP’s by launching its own anti-knife campaign ‘Don’t Carry Don’t Kill’, which was enshrined into law in December 2012 and dubbed Enfield Law.

Now, Mr de Bois is back on the campaign trail along with Enfield Southgate MP David Burrowes and is hoping to gather support from fellow MPs in a bid to pass the amendment.

He said: "We managed to get the law changed in 2012 but that was not enough. We must go further and send out a clear signal that carrying a knife could lead to a prison sentence."

Mr de Bois said that his campaign began in 2010 after visiting Yvonne Lawson, who lost her son Godwin when he was stabbed in Stamford Hill.

The Enfield North MP has also called on members of the public to show their support by writing to their MPs to help back the amendment.

He said: "My message is simple for everyone to write to their MPs calling for their support against knife crime. Currently we see 5,000 a year taken to A&E with knife related injuries.

"We see 4,500 people getting community sentences and 3,200 getting a caution and a fine. This does not go far enough.

"I’m confident that the amendments I and David Burrowes are proposing will have the support of our Conservative colleagues."

Mr Burrowes added: "We need to get tougher with knife crime. Anyone carrying a knife, particularly after a second conviction show know they will go to prison.

"Last December following the knife murder of Joshua Folkes in my constituency, I called on the Government to ensure the law was intolerant to knife crime and I am please that Nick and my amendment will now deliver it."

Mr de Bois also highlighted the work done by groups such as the Godwin Lawson Foundation on its education against knife crime and believes the work they do should be carried out across all schools in the borough.

The Criminal Courts and Justice bill will go through the report stage this week.