Concerns were raised by members of the public today about the takeover of Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals Trust.

A meeting at Royal Chace Hotel in the Ridgeway, Enfield, saw members of the Enfield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) pass on authority to the group’s financial committee to assess the acquisition by The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust.

However, members of the public saw many of their questions unanswered as they raised concerns over the financial plans and future of Chase Farm.

Monty Meth, life president of the Enfield Over 50s Forum, cast doubt over the financial plans that have, so far, been "commercially sensitive".

He said: "Not a single fact, or figure has come from this report and I wonder how satisfied you are because we are not satisfied with it.

"We want to see a viable and prosperous Chase Farm. We want to see a profitable Chase Farm and Barnet (hospitals) but we don’t see anything that has been given you today that is going to satisfy that proposal and the fear I have is that the land will be sold and money will be pocketed."

Assurances were made by Liz Wise, the chief of Enfield CCG, that the governing body would have the financial plans before them when they make their overall decision.

The Royal Free in Hampstead tabled a bid to takeover the trust in mid-January and has submitted its case to the NHS Trust Development Authority for assessment.

The aim of the takeover is to absorb the current deficit of £32.5million and turn Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals Trust into a financially stable foundation trust.

Vivian Gillardi who represented all voluntary bodies in Enfield on the health and wellbeing ward said she was "very concerned".

She said: "This very scanty document tells me nothing that enables me to reassure people that this merger will be a good thing for the population. It may well be a good thing and allow the hospitals to develop centres of excellence.

"I recognise that they cannot give me information about what services will be available and where. But I would like to know if you can assure the population that this will provide better services for the people. There is growing scepticism in the population."

Ms Gillardi also revealed her worry that people will be referred to the Royal Free after the takeover.

In response, Ms Wyse said: "This proposal we can always improve communication. One of the reasons why we have been supportive of this is because we feel a merger does offer the chance to see a significant improvement in services."

The internal meeting will take place next Wednesday to make the decision and pass onto the Secretary of State for Health.