More than 200 people from Palmers Green packed into a small church to express their view on a multi-million cycling scheme.

Enfield Southgate MP David Burrowes invited nearby residents, local councillors, cyclists and shopkeepers to the public meeting at St Monica’s Church in Stonard Road, Palmers Green to discuss the ‘Mini-Holland’ money.

The meeting discussed the impact that the £30million scheme will have on Palmers Green high street, Green Lanes where proposals have been made to build cycle lanes through the high street.

This has raised concerns amongst shopkeepers and Costas Georgiou chairman of Green Lanes Business Association and councillor candidate, who believes that this will cost the high street its parking.

He said: “This could damage businesses in our high street massively. We can see in the plans that cycle lanes are proposed to be built on green lanes – but that appears to be at the cost of parking spaces.

“We must keep parking to ensure that people are still coming to our shops. We are not entirely against the cycling scheme and by all means put cycle lanes around the high street but putting it through could kill off our businesses and our high street.”

Enfield Borough Council, who won the money with their bid to Mayor of London Boris Johnson, has insisted on numerous occasions that there will be consultation taking place before anything is set in stone.

The Enfield Independent has reported fears coming from Enfield Town residents and businesses who claim that re-directing traffic around the town will cause more accidents and could have a negative impact on businesses.

The Enfield Southgate MP said: "I was pleased to arrange the first public meeting about the mini holland cycle scheme. The significant number of people attending and the views expressed highlights the need for this public engagement to be the first amongst many if the community is to get fully behind the scheme.

“Enfield won a big amount of money but a first task of the Council after the elections will be to fully consult and if necessary fully revise the scheme if they are to get businesses and residents to back mini holland in Enfield."

Consultation is due to take place after the council elections on May 22, 2014.