An optician and businessman has decided to change his focus to local politics and throw his name into the hat for this May's local elections.

Garry Kousoulou, 40, may not be the first person you would expect to see standing for election on May 22.

A businessman who has run his shop Good Looking Optics in Enfield Town for the past decade, he is fanatical about social media.

But it was an encounter with a pre-internet form of communication that gave him the idea of going into politics.

Mr Kousoulou said: “Whilst dropping off our letter, postman Rick Jewell told me he had applied to be a candidate for the forthcoming election. This inspired me to throw my name into the hat.”

Mr Kousoulou said: “I am passionate about local issues and I feel that I can make a difference. I work in Enfield Town and I want to be accessible to the people of Enfield so they can come into my shop and tell me about what problems they have.”

Mr Kousoulou claims his main areas of focus will be unemployment and obesity amongst teenagers and ensuring businesses are heard.

Despite being keen on meeting voters face to face, the Independent candidate believes harnessing sites such as Facebook and Twitter can play a part in improving the borough and his chances of getting elected.

He said: “Social media has great power to change and improve many things, I hope that Enfield can harness this and use it as a resource.

"I think the borough itself could become more resourceful and that is something I would like to promote."

He added: “One lone independent voice can’t always be heard but if several independents make it in we can make a difference.

“Being a councillor would make me re-evaluate my life as it is a very time consuming position. I do not do anything unless I can give it my all.”