A parking ticket is issued every six minutes in Enfield, according to figures that show more than 90,000 fines were handed out last year.

Statistics show that during 2013, Enfield Borough Council wardens handed out 92,866 parking tickets, the seventh highest number of any authority in the UK.

The figures, obtained by Churchill Car Insurance, also revealed that Enfield Council took £4,071,367 in revenue from the tickets.

In one case, Marios Kyriakou, 55, of Greenway, Southgate, received a parking ticket after being too far from the kerb when trying to help his mother, Maria, 87, out of the car.

He said: "I had to park slightly further away from the kerb than usual to help my mother get out of the car due to her recent knee operation, she needs more space to alight from the car to my house.

"There are bushes outside my house so this is necessary to allow her to get out. For the first time in my 11 years living here, I received this parking ticket outside my own home.

"My mother comes round a lot of the time because she lives at home and never before have I had this problem."

The ticket is set to cost Mr Kyriakou £110, but the firefighter claims that he has appealed the decision and waiting for the case to go before an independent board.

He said: "This is nothing short of a moneymaking scam from the council to drain money from anywhere it can. I have served this community for 29 years and this is how I am repaid."

Councillor Chris Bond, cabinet member for environment, said: "We are not using the system as a cash cow and we have an 80 to 90 per cent appeal success rate, which shows that the vast majority of parking tickets issued are valid.

"We have recently had a consultation on yellow lines being put down so we want to work with residents to impose restrictions for their safety not for anything else."

Elsewhere, neighbouring council Haringey gave out 163,627 parking tickets, the fourth highest in the country, with Barnet Council issuing 171,545, the third highest according Churchill's figures.

London boroughs made up the top ten in the UK, with Westminster City Council issuing 455,390, approximately one every minute.

Outside of London, Cardiff Council was the highest with fines at 57,000 – more than 35,000 lower than the tally of Enfield.