A school in Enfield will this week be offering driving lesson taster days for anyone over the age of 17 with special needs.

West Lea School in Haselbury Road, Edmonton, is hoping to change the lives of 12 disabled people this weekend by being the first special school in the UK to offer the sessions with the AA.

The lessons will include an hour's theory and hazard perception as well as practical sessions that will last between 45 minutes and an hour.

The experience day on Wednesday, April 16, will also focus on other aspects of driving such as types of vehicles such as manual and automatic.

Julian Halford, of West Lea School, said: “Many special needs children in the borough of Enfield are able to drive and would make good drivers, but many of our parents have financial difficulties and supporting their children would bring so much to their lives.

“It is not about passing the test, but about the experience, although those who do go on to pass their driving test would encourage local employers to employ our pupils.”

In last year’s session, two pupils who signed up were chosen to drive with the AA.