Protesters say the decision to allow the rebuilding of a temple will cause parking chaos.

The Hindu Tamil Cultural Association (HTCA) was this week granted permission to rebuild its current temple site in Church Lane, Edmonton by Enfield Borough Council's planning committee.

The temple, which used to be an industrial building, was taken over by the HTCA in 2003 but will now be redesigned as a temple with 15 parking spaces on the site.

There will also be a meeting room on the ground floor of 59 Church Lane, next to the new temple.

Outraged neighbours claim tnoise and parking has continued to be a problem around the site.

And Roy Nelson ,of Wimborne Road next to the temple believes parking will become a “nightmare” when the site is redeveloped.

He said: “The whole building will be out of character with the area and now it is being rebuilt, it will only cause more and more people to go there.

“Usually, they have a festival one weekend every year which causes all sorts of parking problems. People generally accept this but we could be seeing this more and more. It will be chaos.”

Plans had been made in September for a £4million revamp of the temple but were withdrawn before they could be debated by Enfield Borough Council's planning committee.

Unlike previous plans, the new designs for the temple will reduce its overall floor space and worship space.

Mr Nelson, who moved to the area in 1992, added: “People in the area have moved out because of the nuisance this place creates.”

“It’s essentially about parking; there is nowhere to park as it is.”

Darren King, of nearby St Joan’s Road, believes the new plans will heavily congest parking in adjacent roads.

Member of the HTCA, Arumugam Murugesu said that people living close by will have nothing to fear when it comes to noise and parking.

He said: "We would welcome anyone who has an issue to come and speak to us, we want to be good neighbours.

"Our new temple will have the latest sound proofing equipement unlike our current warehouse which is not designed to be a temple.

"There will also be more space to park cars on our land as our temple is actually decreasing in size. We have done all the surveys asked of us by the council."