A three-way accident has closed an Enfield junction and seen a woman hospitalized.

The accident between a Mercedes, van and a woman has taken place this morning in Silver Street, Enfield outside Pizza Express at approximately 10.30am.

The junction between Silver Street and Southbury Road, A110 has now been closed with traffic mounting in the area.

According to the owner of Pizza Express, Luca Lukic, the traffic lights fell on top of the lady.

He said: "I was standing outside my restaurant when I heard a massive bang. The car was coming down church street and the van was driving up silver street from London Road.

"The car smashed into the back of the van causing the van to hit the traffic lights which fell on the woman. Everything just bounced off of each other.

"Everything happens so quickly but I think the car jumped the lights and that could be the reason we have seen this crash."

The London Ambulance service has yet to confirm any information about the incident.

More to follow.