A Winchmore Hill school delved into its history as it celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Highfield School in Highfield Road, Winchmore Hill, looked back on punishments from the 1930s as well as creating a time capsule for future generations of pupils.

Each school year was given a decade to research, dressing in the styles of the period and performing a song from the era.

Donning clothes from the swinging 60s to Edwardian attire, teachers also got involved in the day’s festivities.

Headteacher Maria Kemal was fascinated by the surprising facts pupils found looking back through the school's history.

She said: “It’s been quite challenging but really, really pleasing because we have based the whole curriculum this week around the centenary year.

“All the children have loved it; they loved the Edwardian day and us being very strict. The kitchen staff put on an Edwardian meal as well, they have embraced the whole learning around it.

“We have had many surprises when looking back. We found a picture of the first headteacher, we found an ice well and we found lots of artefacts. It has been extraordinary.”

Danielle Beqiri, ten, said: “We have been dressing in 1930s clothes and it has been a really fun experience because we don’t get to do this stuff often.

“I enjoyed how we have got into character and not just learnt about a few facts. Yesterday we had punishments where if you get in the punishment book you would have to smile to get in trouble.”

The day concluded with a balloon release, all of which had ‘100’ written across them as a symbol of the day.