Two housing associations have agreed to take on some of each other’s properties in Enfield and Barnet.

Christian Action Housing Association will take on ownership of 46 Enfield homes owned by Genesis and in return, handed over 33 of its Barnet homes.

The swap has been made to allow both parties to focus on key areas, with Genesis more active in Barnet and vice versa.

John Ferman, head of region at Genesis, said: “This stock swap is an exciting move for us. As a leading property-based service provider with a long term commitment to Barnet, Genesis will be able to deliver excellent customer service to our new tenants, alongside those to whom we already provide homes and services in the borough. 

“I’m pleased that CAHA’s involvement ensures our former tenants in Enfield similarly have a landlord that will put their needs first.”

Penny Conway, head of customer services at CAHA said: “CAHA already operates over 1,550 homes in Enfield, Waltham Forest, Haringey and Barnet. ’m really pleased that our new tenants in Enfield will benefit from our proximity and strong base in the area.

"This move makes sense for both CAHA and Genesis and our customers, and we both have a long track record of working with a range of residents from diverse backgrounds.”