A talented schoolgirl boarded a plane to Mauritius after the final legal bid to stop her deportation failed this evening.

Yashika Bageerathi, 19, of Fox Lane in Palmers Green lost her appeal to remain in the UK after she fled here with her family two years ago.

The Oasis Academy schoolgirl was tonight put on an Air Mauritius plane at Heathrow airport having been given two last-minute reprieves on March 25 and on Sunday.

Friends Lee Pedder and Shantelle Creed gained the full support of councillors at Enfield Borough Council's meeting this evening.

Mr Pedder said the decision was ‘callous’

He said: “This was a callous and immoral decision and has gone against 175,000 people.

"Borders do not stop friendships and it will not stop our fight.

“We need to keep campaigning as positively as possible. 80 per cent of people who come to this country don’t sign on and people like Yashika are easy pickings when it comes to deportation.”

The #fightforYashika Twitter hashtag trended worldwide on the social netwroking site for almost an hour earlier today and campaigners have bombarded Air Mauritius with messages imploring them to keep Yashika in the country.

The company released a statement which states that the company had ‘no other choice’ than to deport her.

It reads: “Air Mauritius had been contacted by UK authorities during the last weekend, for the repatriation of Miss Bageerathi. Considering that all conditions had not been met, Air Mauritius was not in a position to take the passenger on-board.

“Yesterday Air Mauritius received a directive from UK authorities for the repatriation of Miss Bageerathi. All conditions having been satisfied, the company had no other choice then to abide by the directive.

“The company has taken all steps to ensure that the flight of Miss Bageerathi takes place in the best possible conditions.

“Air Mauritius regrets this situation, but as all airline companies cannot but abide by decisions taken by relevant authorities.”