An Enfield Councillor is hoping to win backing for measures to stamp out the practice of blacklisting.

Chase Ward Councillor Tom Waterhouse has called on Enfield Borough Council to stop companies that have blacklisted workers bidding for contracts with the authority.

Blacklisting can deny people employment for a number of reasons including political affiliation, a history of trade union activity or whistleblowing.

Last month Islington Council announced it would not accept bids from Carillion and 25 other construction firms until they compensate workers they blacklisted and Cllr Waterhouse is hoping for a similar outcome.

He said: "Blacklisting is illegal and utterly immoral. Last month Islington Council said it would not accept bids for contracts from companies involved who have yet to compensate victims. I believe Enfield Council should do the same and send a clear message of how strongly people in this borough disapprove of blacklisting".

The idea is set to be debated at full council on Wednesday, April 2.

To find if anyone has been affected by blacklisting go to