Enfield Borough Council has joined forces with NHS Blood and transplant in a bid to get more people to sign up to the organ donor register.

The three-year deal agreed yesterday at the Civic Centre in Silver Street will target the black and Asian community in particular to sign up to the register.

Trevor Hurt, who lost his daughter Roz in 2012, described his pride in on discovering she had elected to help other people after her death.

He said: “On June 18, 2012, she collapsed outside a supermarket on the A10, all medical staff performed heroics and were able to restart her heart after one and a half hours, but unfortunately she eventually suffered a massive bleed to the brain. All the family and friends were blown away by what happened.

“We discovered she had signed up for the organ register when she was 18. My daughter was a highly logical person who would have seen no point in being cremated intact.

“She was able to donate body parts to allow people to live rather than just exist.”

Simon Cooper from Enfield had a lung transplant and spoke about how the operation has changed his life.

He said: “The liver transplant I had in 1999 has enabled me to live a normal life as a musician. I ten became diabetic, but that wasn’t going to stop me performing as a drummer.

“I now regularly drum with one of my favourite bands, Chas and Dave. As a drummer you have to keep fit and in 2009 my lungs were in a bad state and I was rushed into hospital.

“At that point I was using oxygen 24/7 to breath which was an issue with my drumming. In April 2012, I organised a charity gig but at that point my lung capacity was 16 per cent.

“August 17, 2012 I was told the news that the hospital might have some new lungs. Without the transplant I would not be able to live my life.”

Mr Cooper revealed that he had 17 hours of surgery to replace his lungs and is now able to work regularly.

Enfield Council’s cabinet member for community wellbeing and public health, Councillor Christine Hamilton said: “We have a wonderfully diverse population and we are in urgent need of black and Asian blood and organ donors.

“This is a fantastic project which will help save the lives of people across the borough.”