Yashika Bageerathi's deportation has been delayed as lawyers seek a high court injunction to block her removal.

Air Mauritius cancelled Oasis Academy pupil's ticket on a scheduled flight this evening, in support of a campaign to allow the 19-year-old to stay in England and finish her A-levels at Oasis Academy, in Enfield.

Yashika, of Fox Lane, Palmers Green, was told of the news at 12am last night at the Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre, where she has been staying since March 19.

Solicitors for the family are now awaiting an emergency hearing in the High Court in a last-ditch attempt to seek an injunction against her deportation.

A previous appeal to prevent her removal failed and the judge at today’s hearing will have the final say over whether she can stay.

Oasis Academy's deputy principal Zoe Thomspon told the Enfield Independent: “We’re keeping our fingers crossed and hoping the injunction comes through.

“Everything is chaos at the moment, I can’t describe what we’re feeling. They’re taking someone who is already distressed, disorientated and frantic, and making her even more confused.

“It’s exasperating. All we want is to have her back here with us.”

Yashika was taken to Gatwick Airport on Tuesday, but British Airways refused to allow her to board the flight.

She came to the country with her mother and siblings in 2011 fearing for her safety - and they are due to be deported at a later date.

Yesterday, her friends and teachers gathered at Parliament Square in a second public protest against the schoolgirl’s deportation.

They said their school is “not the same” without the aspiring mathematician and were angry she was being denied an education in England.

Last night, shadow minister David Hanson tweeted he would contact the Home Office to personally ask officials to urgently review the case.

Mrs Thompson added: “The public support has been overwhelming and we hope the Home Office listen to us.”