Protesters gathered outside a sewage plant in a bid to stop the stink at the site.

Residents who live close to Deephams Sewage Works in Meridian Way, Edmonton are hoping to put a stop to foul smells emanating from the plant.

The site, which used to cater for 750,000 people but will now take on sewage from one million people, is undergoing a £250million, three-year upgrade.

Campaigners are keen to see technology used to help reduce the smell, which has blighted homes nearby.

Nesimi Erbil, of Nightingale Road, Edmonton, opposite the plant, said: “This affects our health, especially in the morning when you can smell it more. My children can’t play in the garden at times because the smell is so bad.

“We really need to see an improvement and we must fight to make sure Thames Water hear our voices. It’s the people who live closest that are the most affected.”

Edmonton MP Andy Love accompanied protesters and urged Thames Water to end odours at the plant once and for all.

He said: “We are trying to highlight the issue that there are quite acrid smells that come from the plant. We understand why that has happened in the past but now they are upgrading the facility. This is a great opportunity to do something serious about it.

“People have got used to the idea that nothing will happen but we are trying to let people know that a major investment is going on here and we want to persuade Thames Water that there is justification for slightly more investment to really deal with the problem.”

Communications manager Mark Matthews spoke with campaigners and told the Enfield Independent that they will be listening to nearby residents.

He said: “Our main message here is to make sure that people’s voices are heard when we make our representation particularly the ones who live closest because we want to be a good neighbour.

“We want to look into the issues they have and address them in the best way that we can.”