Councillors have given the go-ahead for a new 500-seat stand at Tottenham Hotspur’s training ground.

The training facilities in Whitewebbs Lane, Enfield are used by the Premier League side every day and are situated in the greenbelt of the borough.

Members of Enfield Borough Council’s planning committee agreed to give the go ahead after visiting the site themselves on March 22.

Despite approval, Jill Simpson, owner of Village Wholefood shop in Forty Hill is incensed by the outcome and wrote to local councillors venting her dismay.

She said: “Any development on the green belt can be very deleterious to the sustainability of our countryside, the officer's report has carefully listed many of the planning laws or regulations-protections, both national and local, which apply to this application.

“In my opinion they confirm that this type of development should not be allowed in such sensitive and nationally important locations.

“There is no need for this stand here in this location. The Premier League does not at any time state that the Training Ground must have a 500-seater stand with floodlights, it is not a requirement.”