The principal of Oasis Academy Hadley has called for the campaign to stop pupil Yashika Bageerathi being deported to continue as the future of the student and her family remains in doubt.

Yashika, 19, of Fox Lane in Palmers Green, was due to be deported to Mauritius without her family yesterday afternoon but was given a lifeline after it was claimed that British Airways refused to let her board the flight.

Yesterday evening the family was issued with a blow after being told she would be deported with along with her mother Sowbhagyawatee, 38, sister Shaivya, 16, and brother Cherish, 11, after Ms Bageerathi’s asylum application was also turned down.

Lynne Dawes, principal at Yashika’s school, Oasis Academy Hadley in South Street, Ponders End, has said that the family’s solicitors have grounds to appeal and called for Yashika’s release.

She said: “We understand there are grounds for the family to appeal the decision and we want the home office do the right thing and see her released from the detention centre so that she can continue to study for her exams.

“I have had the pleasure to get to know the family during this difficult time and they are a very close unit. The whole system of taking a different case when someone turns 18 is ridiculous just because they are classed as an adult.”

The campaign to save Yashika from deportation was started by her peers at the school and has an online petition grew from 17,000 signatures on Monday to 130,000 signatures today.

Mr Dawes added: “We will continue to fight on and campaign as much as we can. It is a key value of ours to have a community and that has been evident. Staff and pupils have been affected by this and we are all concerned for Yashika and her family.”

Enfield Southgate MP David Burrowes tweeted immigration minister James Brokenshire MP this afternoon demanding a response to his representation before the end of today or he will request that Yashika is released on bail.