Edmonton MP Andy Love is staging a demonstration outside a sewage works in Edmonton this week.

Protesters will gather at the Deephams Sewage Treatment Works in Meridian Way, Edmonton which has caused a foul odour for people who live nearby.

Mr Love is urging Thames Water to take swift action to upgrade the plant and reduce the smell emanating from it.

The fight has been led by Clare Whetstone and more than 2,400 people have signed a petition to take action.

Mr Love said: “It’s high time that residents living near Deephams can open their windows, particularly on warm days, without having their lives affected by smells coming from the sewage works.

“We need Thames Water to agree to upgrade the site to the highest level using all the latest technology so that the local area is no longer blighted by unpleasant odours.”

The demonstration will start at 5.30 on Thursday, March 27.