An Enfield supermarket is losing money after a new layout made it easier for shoplifters.

The Co-operative food store in Lancaster Road, Enfield re-opened in November after a complete refurbishment following a rat infestation, but the revamp caused a new problem.

Community Action Partnership in Enfield (CAPE) has been told by police that the store has lost £14,000 due to shop lifters because of the store’s new layout, which has prevented staff from being able to see along the aisles.

Meat has been frequently stolen as it sits closest to the entrance of the new shop.

The CAPE along with residents of Chase Ward requested local police to make the store one of its three priorities in the area.

Annette Dreblow, chairman of Chase ward CAPE claims it would be ‘ridiculous’ for the Co-op to not take police’s advice and install a security guard.

She said: "If the Co-op is facing the prospect of losing £40,000 a year from shoplifters, it seems ridiculous not to take steps to combat it along the lines the police have suggested.

“It's not surprising that members of our local crime panel, CAPE, have taken the view that if the Co-op won't help themselves, then police resources shouldn't be diverted away from tackling burglary and other serious crime in the area."

Chase ward Councillor Tom Waterhouse believes that the store must now take onboard the advice given to them by the police.

He said: "Fighting crime is a community effort. We need residents to report it, the police to act on it and businesses to take reasonable steps to protect themselves.

“The Co-op needs to pull its finger out, take the advice of the police and make sure it's doing its bit. We want to attract more businesses to Lancaster Road and create new jobs and this will be harder if the area is being affected by crime."

A spokesman for The Co-op Food says they are aware of the issue at the store and are looking at changing the store layout as a way of combating the issue.

He said: “We are aware that shoplifting is an issue at our store on Lancaster Road, Enfield, and the store manager and his team are working very closely with local police and the wider business to address this.

“As well as making considerable improvements to the CCTV monitoring of the store, we are looking at proposals to change the store layout, as well as a number of other measures to help deter criminals.

“We take this issue very seriously indeed and anyone caught shoplifting from this store, or any of our other stores, will be prosecuted.”