Friends of Yashika Bageerathi have revealed their excitement that her deportation to Mauritius has been delayed but are wary that the fight is not over.

The talented mathematician was due to be deported to her homeland at 1.50pm today but has been delayed.

According to Enfield Southgate MP David Burrowes, British Airways refused to let the 19-year-old get on the plane and she has been taken back to Yarl’s Wood detention centre.

Pupils started the campaign #fightforYashika last week after hearing she had been detained and have acquired more than 35,000 signatures and her friends have told the Enfield Independent about their hard work to fight for Yashika.

Jacqueline Gomes, 17 said:  “When we heard there was news, I had never felt my heart beat so fast. The whole sixth form common room was bombarded with fear and tension.

“We could not have been any more excited after the good news, but we know that our fight is not over.”

Kalender Dogan revealed that it is ‘insane’ to see people from around the world supporting their cause.

He said: “I was extremely relieved. I felt like all our efforts were finally paying off and that our love for Yashika was being recognised.

“It's amazing to think that a mere sixth form community can voice their thoughts and opinions so loudly that people around the world are determined to help us. It's just insane.”

Asena Akyuz added: “After sleepless nights and continuous campaigning, I needed to hear good news about Yashika before all my hope in humanity disappeared.”

Abigail Cichosz said: “At first when coming into the school and the night previous, I was extremely pessimist. I thought we had exhausted all options, but the news we received after continuously tweeting MPs for justice, was amazing.”

Yashika’s future in the UK is still far from safe as no decision has yet to be made by immigration chiefs on whether she will remain in the country.