Bingo players in Enfield will be sitting more comfortably following the duty reduction announced in last week's budget.

Chancellor George Osborne announced plans to halve bingo duty to ten per cent when he spoke to the House of Commons last Wednesday.

The only commercial bingo hall in Enfield, Gala Bingo, currently has between 150 and 600 customers per session and expects to put a large part of any extra money towards improving the physical environment.

Club operations manager Ken Turner said: "We've got the windfall which will allow us to invest into the infrastructure and the comfort of our customers. As things get into place, customers will notice it more in the facilities - things like the seating, carpet and the general environment."

Mr Turner also wanted to banish some of the myths associated with the game and its players, saying customers spanned age groups, nationalities and genders.

He said: "Anyone venturing into our clubs would be surprised at the number of young people in there."

The bingo hall will be hosting a Mother's Day event on Sunday, with chances to win £500, £1,000 and £2,000 prizes.

In view of the controversy surrounding Chancellor George Osborne's reference to hardworking people being able to do "more of the things they enjoy", Mr Turner confirmed that a wide range of people frequent what he deems "value for money" sessions - with a typical spend being £10.

Mr Turner said: "Bingo is about socialising. We have people walking in to play and leaving with more than they came in with."