Repairs on a footpath through an Enfield park are due to begin after it disintegrated soon after being laid.

The greenway through Hillyfields in North Enfield was laid in December 2013 but fell apart in several places during the torrential rain.

Enfield Borough Council' cabinet member for environment, Councillor Chris Bond has now announced that the authority will be repairing the path as “rapidly as possible”.

He said: “While the damage to homes was remarkably light in Enfield as a result of the flood prevention work we’ve been doing in recent years unfortunately the very heavy and prolonged rain we had did cause damage to part of this Greenway.

“It’s a popular route and people have been using it in great numbers and we’ll be repairing the damage as rapidly as possible.”

Friends of Hillyfields chairman Tony Claydon has welcomed the news but is keen to see a more resilient path.

He said: “I welcome the developments being made to the path. Currently, we aren’t aware that anything has been decided on how the council will repair the path.

“The previous path fell apart and some of the material ran into the brook because of the weather but I hope the council will make it much more resilient.”

The path is used by cyclists walkers and wheelchair users and cuts right through the park.