Two Enfield MPs have voted against a care bill that would enable the government to downgrade or close a hospital without consultation.

Clause 119 of the Care Bill allows administrators not to consult local groups or clinicians when making a decision to shut down or downgrade a hospital.

The Conservative Enfield North Nick de Bois voted against his party and sided with Edmonton's Labour MP Andy Love for a Labour amendment to scrap the clause.

The bill was passed but Mr de Bois said he could not vote for a bill which diminished the influence of the people of Enfield over healthcare in the borough.

He added: “I believe that NHS patients and the public suffer if we do not deal effectively with rare failures in our health service, but I do not believe that this clause advances that cause when balanced against the need for genuine consultation with the public.

"When I spoke in the House of Commons explaining why I could not support the Government on this measure it was not well received.

"However I was not going to vote for a proposal that would allow a change to healthcare services with a reduced level of consultation with local residents and local clinical professionals.

"Although the government did make some useful concessions I was confident the majority of my constituents would support this move."

Royal Free Hospital is set to take over the Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals Trust which has a deficit of nearly £17million.