Lifeguards visited Enfield schools this week to tell children how to stay out of danger when they go to the seaside.

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution sent the guards inland to teach the children of the borough how to stay safe.

Southbury Primary School in Swansea Road, Enfield, was one of the schools that welcomed life boat crew and lifeguards as they showed off the equipment they use.

David Bryant, headteacher at the school said: “Although we are an inner city school all the children thoroughly enjoyed the RNLI’s classes.

“The whole experience was very positive for the children and they were able to get involved in practical activities with the vehicles the RNLI use. We hope they have taken a lot from the day.”

RNLI lifeguard supervisor Sarah Beresford said: “City kids are streetwise to the dangers of urban living from a young age but when they arrive at the beach they are often out of their comfort zone.

“Just as knowing the green cross code can save a child’s life when crossing a busy road in town, learning about riptides and offshore winds could mean the difference between life and death at the seaside.

“RNLI lifeguards are at the beach to save lives, but we’d much prefer it if people didn’t need us to rescue them in the first place. By teaching children how to enjoy the coast safely, we hope they will return home with nothing but fond memories of their visit to the seaside.’

Other schools in the borough that have been visited or will be visited this week include:

• St Johns Primary School in Theobalds Park Road, Crews Hill
• St Mathews CofE Primary School in South Street, Ponders End
• Merryhills Primary School in Bincote Road, Enfield Chase
• Eastfield Primary School in Eastfield Road, Enfield Wash
• Alma Primary School in Alma Road, Enfield Wash
• Monken Hadley CE Primary School, Camlet Way, Hadley Wood
• Forty Hill School in  Forty Hill