Dozens of young number crunchers came together to solve maths puzzles on World Pi Day.

Raynham Primary School in Raynham Avenue, Edmonton, hosted a workshop for a group of 120 Year 6 students from 14 primary schools on Friday.

Whilst some secondary school students, and no doubt many adults, have yet to grasp the concept of pi, many of the young pupils were ably and swiftly reciting the famous mathematical constant.

Affectionately known as 'Mr Numbervator', maths consultant Isaac Anoom told the ten-year-olds: "Many of you here could sit your GCSEs now."

He set maths problems, giving students just 60 seconds to reach an answer and in one case just 30 seconds.

The workshops are held seven times a year and were started by the maths and drama teacher two years ago to cater for the talents of high-achieving Year 6 maths students.

Last week's event also marked the end of National Maths Week.

Eversley Primary School student Dhylan Patel said he enjoyed doing maths and when asked if he could remember when he started studying maths, said: "I have no record of not doing it."