It's not every day that a teacher sets up a green room to create a zombie activity to inspire a class of Year 6 science students.

So it will come as no surprise that this year's Primary School Science Teacher of the Year is the programme's creator Ruth Shallcross, of Lavender Primary School.

On Friday, Dr Martin Hollins of the Primary Science Teaching presented Ms Shallcross with her certificate, along with £1,000 for both her and her school, in Lavender Road, Enfield.

The trust receives recommendations and assesses schools across the UK to determine, among other things, the teacher who best demonstrates enthusiasm for science.

In referring to the selection, Dr Hollins noted Ms Shallcross's ability to be imaginative in class and complemented her communications skills.

Ms Shallcross, who went to school in both England and Singapore, said she started off as a contemporary dancer and also worked as a web editor before entering the teaching profession six years ago.

Upon receiving the certificate, she conveyed the benefits of partnership working with colleagues, including science co-ordinator Gemma Whiteoak and school improvement service senior consultant Jason Harding.

Ms Shallcross, an advanced skills teacher, added that science was the number one career choice for her students and remarked on the "absolute honour" associated with winning the award.

Headteacher of the school Matthew Kleiner-Mann said: "It validates good practice and gives the green-light for fun, creative learning."