Young girls in the borough used inspirational artworks to voice their views on International Women's Day.

The event, at the Dugdale Centre in London Road, Enfield, on Friday, brought together close to 60 people to celebrate this year's theme of Inspiring Change, with the youngsters' posters promoting messages including "Without women there would be no more children" and "I can make my own decisions".

International Women's Day is recognised globally on March 8 and was introduced in 1911.

It celebrates the social, political and economic achievements of women while focusing world attention on areas requiring further action.

Safer Choices and workshop co-ordinator for Enfield Borough Council's Youth Engagement Panel, Sarah Edoo, saw the day as empowering for both herself and the girls who produced the display.

Enfield Lock councillor Christine Hamilton, who chaired the event, stressed the need for women to challenge the status quo and said "equality for women is progress for all".

In addressing the group, she highlighted the prospect of a "bright, equal, safe and rewarding future for women and girls", one which she views as pivoting on more role-models and prioritisation of community safety and domestic violence issues.

Cllr Hamilton, the cabinet member for community wellbeing and public health, repeated the message from the chief executive of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Legarde, who said that women do not want men out of the picture but simply require a larger frame so that both genders can contribute to the economy.

And while Andrea Clemons, the assistant director for community safety and environment, acknowledged the fact that this year's Enfield Apprentice of the Year is a woman, she also applauded the efforts of all women.

She said: "Women of all ages are recognising that they can do all that they can believe they can do. My mum, who's nearly 80 years old, texted me last night to tell me she had googled how to change part of her toilet cistern and did it."