Protesters are continuing to halt building developments for a fifth week at a disused university campus.

Campaigners' blockade against the 231-home development at the former Middlesex University campus in Cat Hill has entered its fifth week.

So far, Natural England, which sets conditions on developers London and Quadrant, have given the firlm a licence to demolish two buildings on the site.

However, leader of the blockade Kim Coleman believes that more breaches of conditions governing great crested newt habitats are being made by L&Q.

She said: “We have photos of L&Q using bulldozers in the newt breeding pond, which conditions specifically say must be cleared by hand.

“They have also used bulldozers in the newt protected area. We understand Natural England are investigation and we will continue to watch L&Q every day.

“I have a list of every single condition imposed on L&Q and as soon as they step out of line, we will investigate every avenue possible.”