Residents in Palmers Green are taking a stand against proposals to build housing at an old town hall.

Southgate town hall in Green Lanes was sold to Hollybrook Homes in November, 2013 but residents of Palmerston Road are furious with its proposed replacement.

Jennifer Yennaris of Palmerston Road has slammed the plans and said the new block of flats would impinge on her privacy.

She said: “When the old town hall was sold off, we feared it would be housing but there are several issues with the designs.

“As well as taking away the town hall, there will be 18 new flats built in the three-to-four storey high building. This is outrageous and will drastically reduce the view from out garden.

“Once more this will invade our privacy, especially in the summer when we are using out garden and the people in the flats will be using their balconies. You don’t know who is watching.”

Not only are the residents against the design of the buildings, but South West Enfield Action Team chairman Gonul Daniels is disappointed the site has not been considered for a school.

She said: “The more and more houses that are built, the more services are going to have to be provided. This is a perfect site for a school in an area which is so short of school places.”

Enfield Southgate MP David Burrowes joined residents protesting against the plans on Monday.

He said: “The council sold off the old town hall for a low price. Residents are now faced with having to pay a high price in having a building on their doorstep that not only completely disregards the town hall's architecture, but also ignores the local environment in the area.

"Residents need to know that the council is looking after their area properly. I have written to the council’s planning department to voice my objections to this development. It was a foolish decision to sell off the town hall instead of using it for a school and it would be equally foolish to approve this plan."

An Enfield Council spokesman said: “This matter will be fully considered at a forthcoming planning committee and residents will have the opportunity to comment on the plans for this building ahead of a decision being made.

“Because of the quasi-judicial nature of the planning process, we are unable to comment on individual applications but we do have the power to ensure that new builds are proportionate, appropriate and are compatible with their surroundings.”

The MP has written to the council, urging them to extend the consultation time before the decision being taken at a planning committee.