An Enfield garden centre welcomed disabled children to try out its brand new specialised swing.

Capel Manor Gardens in Bullsmoor Lane, Enfield, has officially opened the swing, which can be used by children who are disabled and in wheelchairs.

Children from Cheviots Children Centre in Cheviots Lane, Enfield were eager to test out the new play area, which was funded by Edmonton Rotary Club.

Children couldn’t wait to get on and started singing the nursery rhyme ‘row, row, row your boat’ as the wooden swing went back and forth.

It was opened by eight-year-old Harvey Parry, who lost both his legs and three and a half fingers on his right hand after he caught a deadly strain of the meningitis virus when he was 15 months old.

He said: “I am very honoured to open this swing for people with disabilities. I myself walk with prosthetic legs and will be coming to play on it. I have never really been able to go on a swing but now I will be able to.”

John Thorpe from Edmonton Rotary Club said: “We are so happy that we have managed to raise this money for a worthy cause, this will be useful to the community and many disabled children will be able to us it.”

Mark Shuttlewood, who works at Cheviots children centre said that he had never seen such a device and was thrilled it had been opened.

He said: “We have done a lot of different activities but sometimes we are limited in what we can do. I have never seen anything like this before and the look on the children’s faces says it all, they love it.

“One child was crying when he was taken off because he wanted to go back on. I would like to see more of these in the future around parks to give disabled children the chance to go on a swing.”