Plans to install a footbridge or warning light system at a closed level crossing have been welcomed by local residents.

The Lincoln Road level crossing was closed to vehicles more than a year ago for health and safety reasons but Network Rail are now planning to make amendments.

A possible footbridge has been mooted however that may not be possible due to the “built-up nature” of the area. The company, which is responsible for lines and signalling, may consider red and green warning lights.

Derek Lonsdale, of Burleigh Road, which is adjacent to the crossing, believes something must be done.

He said: “Something should be done to help the safety of pedestrians, vehicles can no longer go down there and that is also an issue.

“It can cut off trade on both sides but due to the amount of houses built so close to the crossing, it will be tough for network rail to do anything.”

A Network Rail spokeswoman said: “Network Rail confirms that we continue to investigate the feasibility of installing a bridge at Lincoln Road level crossing, near Enfield Town station, for which we would have to provide steps-free access.

“This site has been identified as one of the level crossings for which funding may be allocated as part of the industry’s next funding period, starting in April 2014.

“However, due to the built-up nature of the area, the feasibility of such a solution is questionable and so we’re also investigating the possibility of upgrading the crossing to improve its safety, most likely by installing red and green warning lights. A decision will be made over the coming months.”