Two students from Enfield have been offered places at one of the world's most prestigious and best known universities.

Nandini Mitra, 18, of Enfield Wash and Hakkihan Tunbak, 17, of Fore Street, Edmonton, have both been offered conditional places at Cambridge University.

Both teenagers attend Woodhouse College in North Finchley, with Nandini receiving an offer to study history while Hakkihan gained an offer of a place reading natural sciences.

Nandini said she was in a state of “pure shock" on the day she received her offer.

She said: “I knew the day they were sending out rejection letters so that’s what I assumed it was, but when I opened it I was just in pure shock, not happy or sad, just shock.

“Once it hit me, I was delighted, but I could not believe I had received a conditional offer.”

Rumours had circulated about the infamous Oxbridge interviews; however, the teen said that she was not fazed by the questions asked.

She said: “Everyone had told me they would bring up very strange questions but neither of my interviews were like that. We just spoke about history and what I had been doing in my lessons.

“It was very intense but I wasn’t thrown any curveballs as I had expected.”

Hakkihan also recalled fondly the morning he received his letter.

He said: “My dad woke me up and asked me to open the letter. I wanted him to open it but he insisted I should. When I read it out to him he said ‘that’s my son.’”

“I then woke up my two sisters to tell them the news, I am so happy that I have managed to get an offer to do natural sciences.

“I knew I had to go for it, I think one of the Cambridge mottos is you never know until you apply. This is where the hard work begins.”

Principal of Woodhouse College, John Rubinstein, said: “We are absolutely thrilled that these students have achieved a formal offer from  Cambridge University, it is a notoriously difficult task, and they had to apply themselves to the process to achieve this success.

“It is an extremely rigorous application process for both Oxford and Cambridge, and even with very strong predicted A Level grades you can still miss out, so the students should be very proud of themselves.”

Nandini needs one A* and two As while Hakkihan needs an A* and three As to get a place to study their respective subjects.