There is still a heavy police guard on a church graveyard after remains were found left in a box.

The bones were found partially buried in the grounds of St Andrews Church, in Church Walk, Enfield Town, at around 1pm.

Forensic investigations into whether the remains are of a human or an animal are expected to continue well into the night.

It is unclear at this stage how the remains were discovered, but police say they are treating the area as a crime scene and have erected a forensic tent.

The church, next to the Kings Head Pub, is cordoned off with police tape and investigators cannot confirm when it is likely to reopen.

Many of the crypts in the church’s graveyard have been there for more than one hundred years, and some pub goers believe the gory discovery could be ancient remains.

Eugene Gavaghan, a water main layer who works in sewers, said: “I’ve seen this before in my job - it’s a common problem after a period of heavy rain.

“The graves in the church yard are very old. When the rain water blows the tarmac the graves fill with water, which can push the crypts to the surface.”

Others expressed their shock at seeing the forensic tent erected in the church graveyard.

One man said: “I walked past on my way to work this morning and didn’t see anything so I’ve got no idea how they got there. It’s all been very dramatic.”

Another said: “If it’s not to do with heavy rainwater, or an animal carcass, it’s quite an unsettling discovery.

“It’s reassuring to know the police are treating it as a serious matter though, regardless of what it turns out to be.”