Edmonton MP Andy Love visited an NHS service to help treat tuberculosis in the area.

The NHS ‘Find and Treat’ service has been visiting homelessness refuges across the borough to tackle TB, rates of which are at nearly triple the national average in Edmonton alone.

The mobile service will work with excluded communities and groups where TB is rife and advise on diagnosis and treatments.

Mr Love said: “It was really useful to be able to see first-hand how the find and treat service is working to make an inroad into TB diagnosis and treatment.  The idea of using peer educators to encourage people who wouldn’t otherwise seek help seems to be very effective.

“It’s a hugely stretched service, however, and incidences of TB, including in parts of Edmonton, are still alarmingly high.  TB is not a disease of the past and it doesn’t just affect countries in the developing world.  It is present here and now, in a big way."