A blockade to prevent a housing development on a disused university campus has entered its second week.

Campaigners against the building of 231 new homes at Cat Hill Middlesex University Campus have prevented four lorries entering the site to stop demolition starting.

The protesters have been led on by Kim Coleman and are now facing a war on two fronts as it was revealed that some lorries have entered the site via another entrance.

On Monday, February 17, protesters allowed one truck into the site as it was to install fencing for the great crested newts but couldn’t prevent a second lorry passing through when they were not at the site.

Mrs Coleman said: “Unfortunately they managed to get a lorry through yesterday while our blockade was unmanned. We need keep an eye out 24/7 to stop this happening.”

The protesters are waiting to hear back from wildlife organisation Natural England after it made a visit last week to inspect the site.

Campaigners argue that demolition work cannot go ahead until a survey has been carried out by developers London and Quadrant on how many newts are in the vicinity.

As the amphibians are currently in hibernation, Mrs Coleman argues that demolition cannot start, as a licence issued to the developer states that the survey has to be carried out between March and May.