Landlords have been left incensed by latest proposals to implement a licensing scheme on all private property renters.

Enfield Borough Council’s proposed ‘additional and selective licensing’ scheme would see landlords apply for a licence to cover all owned properties for the price of £575 over a five-year period.

Graham Roberts, who rents out several properties in Enfield, believes that this is ‘stigmatising’ all landlords when it should only be targeting the ones who are failing their duties.

He said: “The general feeling I gauged from the consultation is one of dismay and anger. This licensing is stigmatising all landlords and that is unacceptable. It feels like the council is in a race to be second council to implement this behind Newham.”

In order to lease their properties, landlords will need to demonstrate reference from tenants and provide all their health and safety certificates.

Cabinet member for housing, Ahmet Oykener said that the process is still in the early stages.

He said: “We are still consulting with landlords before finalising anything and will take their views into consideration. This is designed to prevent antisocial behaviour amongst tenants and crack down on rogue landlords.

“This is not an extra-ordinary change and it will charge landlords over five years. If they sign up early they can get a discount. This is not trying to make money for the council but being able to enforce standards easier such as health and safety.”

One of its aims is to crack down on anti-social behaviour from tenants; something which Mr Richards feels should not be laid at the landlord’s doorstep.

He said: “There is no correlation between anti-social behaviour and landlords. For failing to sign up there is a possibility you could be hit with a £20,000 fine which is utterly ridiculous.

“It is not just about the money, there will be an absolute jungle of paperwork to have to fill in which will take up copious amounts of time and no doubt more people will have to be employed to look through all the forms which will cost more money.

“If the council is willing to engage with landlords to make this project work then that is fine but there are not many landlords that agree with the current proposition.”

Carol Denel rents one property in the borough and said that she would sign a petition against this being passed through.

She said: “This is an outrage to all good landlords. We should not take the hit just because of a few sloppy landlords out there.”

The scheme will continue to be open for consultation until February 24.