Park users are furious after a cycle path lad only two months ago disintegrated in the recent wet weather.

Hillyfields Park in North Enfield had the new cycle path laid in December as part of the extension of cycle routes by Enfield Borough Council.

Yet the recent weather has lead to the pathway falling apart, which has angered chairman of Friends of Hillyfields, Tony Claydon.

He said: “It is a disgrace that this has already fallen apart in seven or eight places.

“This is a very poor quality pathway and there is no surprise that is has disintegrated so badly because it always floods there.

“With the weather we have been having, it will continue to flood and ruin the pathway. This is why our bandstand is raised up, because it is also close to the brook.”

The park group had opposed the pathway in the first place and Mr Claydon believes it should not have been built at such a low level.

He added: "They went against our wishes in placing this cycle pathway through Hillyfields. It is also far too steep and we suggested that it went round the outside of the park."

Zara-lee Blackwell of Cedar Park Road, which is next to Hillyfields, said: “I always encourage cycling but this path has fallen short of my expectations. It could be dangerous if the materials start spreading into the brook as a result of the flooding.”

Councillor Chris Bond, cabinet member for environment, said: “Asphalt was suggested to residents as a surface for this route as it blended in with the other paths in Hillyfields. Residents said they wanted the surface we have now which was put in.

“An inspection has been made and the path base is still intact. Some of the binding material has been washed away before it could bind due to the bad weather we have had this month. This will be swept back into the path when the weather is dryer and the path will be usable.

“The route was taken as it is the flattest route available. We must all remember these Greenway routes are for pedestrians, cyclists and those with wheelchairs and buggies, the route is always agreed with the Environment Agency as well.”