Campaigners halted developers in their tracks today as the battle against a new housing development continues.

Remaining defiant after years of toil, protesters prevented any demolition of the former Middlesex University Campus in Cat Hill, Cockfosters.

The former university buildings are due to make way for 231 new homes in plans approved by Mayor of London Boris Johnson in October 2013.

Developers London and Quadrant (L&Q) developers were expecting to begin demolition today, but campaigners led by resident Kim Coleman prevented any lorries from entering the site all day.

Ms Coleman said: “The dedication we have put in has been fantastic and the fact that there is still support shows how much the local community doesn’t want this to happen."

Starting at 8am, Ms Coleman was joined by a handful of protesters who barred the lorries' way.

However, when police arrived at the scene mid-morning, they informed the crowd that unless they let the lorries through, they would be arrested for blocking a public highway.

After discussions and deliberations between protesters, police and developers, the L&Q lorries left their stationary position outside the site and drove away, leaving Ms Coleman ‘ecstatic.’

She added: “This was fantastic news and I am ecstatic. We really achieved something today and I am so proud for everyone who has continued to stick by the campaign.

“We will be here every day, fighting until the end.”

Their argument against demolition this month hinges on the conditions placed on L&Q for starting developments by Natural England.

The campaigners believe that there must be a survey of hibernating great crested newts within the grounds between March and May before work can begin.

L&Q believe that they have complied with all conditions imposed.

The campaigners will be back tomorrow morning to continue arguing their case.