Shoppers used pedal power to blend a smoothie before taking penalties to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

Enfield Borough Council health officers encourage the public to use their legs outside Edmonton Green Shopping Centre on Friday as part of Ramp Up the Red week, which aims to raise awareness about heart disease.

As well as riding a bike connected to a blender, which mixed smoothies with pineapple, raspberry and mango, shoppers also received free apples and red balloons.

Two Tottenham Hotspur FC coaches supervised the penalty shootouts and councillors Doug Taylor and Christine Hamilton paid a visit.

Guinness World Record holder and town crier Alan Myatt used his lungs to draw in people as leaflets on giving up smoking were handed out.

Julie Boyd, the health manager of the council’s public health centre, said Enfield was the borough with the eighth highest rate of CVD (cardo-vascular disease) in London,

Sonia Carnegie, public health officer, added: “We’re promoting health and focusing on prevention. That deals with diabetes, smoking, heart disease, obesity and strokes. We’re also holding events in schools.”

The council will hold the event later at the civic centre and staff will wear red.