The fight against the housing development at a disused university campus has reached a stand-off between protesters and developers.

Demolition of the former Middlesex University Campus in Cat Hill, Cockfosters, was due to start today to make way for 231 houses to be built.

However, construction lorries were halted by resilient protesters who have been embroiled in a bitter feud against the development for more than three years.

The campaigners, led by Kim Coleman of Mansfield Avenue in Barnet, have been outside the site since 8am this morning.

The campaigners believe that the conditions from Natural England state that a newt survey on the site must be conducted between March and May by constructer London and Quadrant; preventing any work being done until then.

Mrs Coleman said: “They simply cannot do work on the site until the survey has been done, we have been here since 8am this morning and will continue to fight the lorries from coming in.”

Police have now informed the protesters that unless they let the lorries onto the premises, they could be arrested for blocking a public highway.

A police investigator will tour the site before deciding whether to allow the lorries into the former campus to begin work.

More to follow.