A former Olympian and world record holder has joined forces with a hospital to back their new campaign.

Javelin thrower Steve Backley is supporting BMI King’s Oak and Cavell Hospital’s Active for Life Campaign which will raise awareness of bone and joint health.

The campaign comes following a study by the hospital in The Ridgeway, Enfield, which revealed 86 per cent of people in the borough knew someone or had a family member who had undergone a hip or knee replacement.

It also revealed that 73 per cent of people asked had a family member who suffered from arthritis while 54 per cent had a family member with osteoporosis.

Mr Backley had a hip replacement in 2005 and is keen to get behind the scheme.

He said: “My need for a hip replacement left me in pain and reduced my mobility. But my hip replacement has completely transformed my life, giving me back both my freedom and mobility.

“I’m supporting BMI Active for Life to highlight the importance of bone and joint health to hopefully help more people lead an active life to reduce their risk of needing joint replacement surgery as they age.”

David Henderson, executive director at BMI the King’s Oak and Cavell Hospitals, said: “While arthritis is never completely preventable we hope that this campaign, with the support of Steve Backley will help educate people to the steps they can make to alleviate their risk and keep them active and mobile well into retirement.

“We hope that the BMI Active for Life campaign will help raise awareness around the issues surrounding bone and joint health.”

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