An Enfield family are free to travel again after a charity raised money to fit a special car seat for their disabled son.

Kyran Saunders, four, of Weir Hall Avenue in Edmonton, suffered a seizure when he was six months old and was diagnosed with a neurological condition that affects his brain and nervous system.

Unable to sit without his mother Kirsty, needed a car seat costing £1,770 to keep him safe during journeys.

Without the seat, Kyran could not travel to see friends or relatives, or go on family days out.

National children’s charity Caudwell Children provided the money for a seat, which was delivered to the family last week - to the delight of Ms Saunders.

She said: “We couldn’t do anything with this seat as it wasn’t safe for Kyran. It is going to much such a difference to us.

“Caring for him has been hard. He depends on me for everything. But now we have this seat, it means we can do so much more together."

Ms Saunders also said that she had already taken Kyran to London to a Chinese festival and celebrate Chinese new year.

Trudi Beswick, CEO of Caudwell Children, said: “Having a car seat can make a huge difference to the well-being of a family.

"Car seats are vital pieces of equipment as they ensure the safety of a disabled child whilst travelling. Without them even the smallest journeys are dangerous. Therefore it is essential that we get the money we need to provide equipment like this to children like Kyran.”