A man has been found guilty of attempting to commit sexual acts with sheep and cows.

Paul Lovell, 61, of Magpie Close, Enfield, was found guilty at Wood Green Crown Court of outraging public decency by trying to penetrate the mouth of multiple cows before attempting to commit sexual acts with sheep.

The jury voted unanimously and he will now face sentencing on Friday, March 7.

The former computer engineer was spotted by picnicking couple Lawrence Stephan and Natasha Brennan on September 4, 2013.

The couple, who gave evidence on Tuesday, said they saw the man, who was naked except for his shoes and socks, attempt to penetrate a cow’s mouth with his genitals and gestured at the cow to move their heads closer to his crotch.

The man then ‘tried his luck’ with some sheep and attempted to thrust his genitals into the rear of four or five sheep.

Mr Stephan then took photos of Mr Lovell whilst he was naked from the ankles up and lying on the ground close to some sheep.

Mr Lovell was labelled ‘lewd, obscene and disgusting’ by prosecution lawyer Robert Hutchinson in a case which brought laughter from all parties except Mr Lovell.

Judge James Patrick lifted bail conditions that he could not return to the site where the incident took place and also branded the case “unique and unusual”.

He jokingly added: "When that brown envelope landed on your door this would not have been the sort of case you [the jury] would have been thinking about, There are other areas of the country you might have thought that might be likely."

Mr Lovell showed no expression as he left the court.