Eye witnesses who say they saw a man attempt to commit sexual acts with sheep and cows said they were “concerned” for his health.

Paul Lovell, 61, is on trial for outraging public decency by behaving in an indecent manner, namely trying to commit sexual acts with animals, on September 4, 2013.

Mr Lovell, of Magpie Close, Enfield, has denied allegations that he attempted acts with livestock at Archers Wood in Whitewebbs Lane, close to Tottenham Hotspur’s training ground.

The IT worker was spotted by couple Lawrence Stephan and Natasha Brennan, who were enjoying a picnic when they saw the man and called the police.

The pair gave evidence at the Wood Green Crown Court this afternoon with Mr Stephan describing how the couple regularly visited the spot.

He said: “It is a place we have been too many a time for picnics and I am quite familiar with the area after studying it during my college course.

“I was hitting golf balls when I saw a man coming through a gateway with cows around him. There was a man about 400ft away from me.

“It was obvious he was wearing no clothes but I couldn’t fully see his genitals. He was luring the cow towards his crotch; I was shocked and confused and didn’t know what to do.”

The man allegedly attempted to commit a sexual act on two or three cows before attempting the same act with five of six sheep.

Mr Lovell’s defence barrister Clare Dowes suggested the man had been clothed for the whole period.

She questioned how Mr Stephan was able to tell if the man was naked as when he was first spotted 400ft away with the cows and then approximately 200ft away when he was with the sheep.

He responded by saying: “It was clear to me; I would have been able to tell if he was wearing shorts, which he wasn’t.”

Mr Stephan took photos of the man lying down on the ground and told the jury that at this point, Mr Lovell was putting his shorts on but then dropped them when another sheep came close to him.

He said when the sheep went away he pulled them back up again.

His partner, Natasha Brennan, said that while the couple were shocked about the incident, she was also concerned for his health.

She said: “This was completely abnormal but I was very concerned for his health at the same time and whether he was mentally unstable. I was not sure what he was doing but it shocked me.

“He looked comfortable in the field with no clothes on. He was not aware we were there.”