An Enfield primary school has teachers from across Europe to see how it uses advanced technology used in its classrooms.

Bowes Primary School in Bowes Road, Palmers Green, welcomed more than 400 teachers from across the Continent to learn about scale of advanced technology on display at the school.

The teachers took photos of students using gadgets such as iPads as part of their everyday school life.

Deputy headteacher Gulev Karayel believes the school has harnessed the boom in modern technology, which is essential to the children’s learning.

She said: “From a very young age we start getting the pupils familiar with the technology. Every child in Years 4, 5, and 6 has their own iPad which shows their development and results in all subjects.

“I definitely see that it is motivating and inspiring children and it is making teaching even easier; pupils can do the work and share it out on the devices instead having sheets of paper. It’s making the style of teaching easier as well."

But Ms Karayel also believes that the school can go too far down the technology route and feels a balance must be struck.

She added: “I think there is a balance, we are not saying it's all for technology, we just believe that like a book, it is another tool or media, because children are aware of it and we should use it as it will make our lives easier.

“Every adult has a device where they can make instant assessment of their pupils and parents will have online access to these results. Every year we are looking to develop further.”

Two teachers from Sweden, Johanna Joacobsson and Karin Wendt, were inspired by the facilities.

They said; “The technology here is amazing, I wish I could stay here for weeks, there are so many things we want to learn more about and we have taken photographs.

“It is the way the children are able to work on their own which we find fantastic. They have a green screen which I have never seen at another school. We will definitely be taking tips back to our school.”

Pupils Toby, 11, and Tilly, ten, revealed how much they enjoy using the devices in class.

They said: “It’s really great to use these things in class because we have all our work on our own iPads so nothing can get lost at home.

“People who don’t have iPads at home also get the chance to enjoy using them as part of school.”