Harnessing the power of social media was the first step to success for an Enfield car repair company when it went online.

The Automotive Components Specialist in Beresford Gardens, Enfield Town, struggled when it was formed four years ago.

But after turning to social media site Twitter, they found a site that allows customers to post a job for free and receive quotes on the site.

After being listed on whocanfixmycar.com, the Enfield company had more than 100 extra jobs booked and owner Patrick Patel was able to expand and take on four more staff.

He said: “Launching my own company in the midst of the recession was undoubtedly a struggle, but when I started to focus on my online presence I noticed a change very quickly.

“My experience shows just how important it is for small businesses to find innovative ways to promote themselves in the digital landscape nowadays.

“As an independent mechanic with a fledgling business, I didn’t have the budget for an extensive advertising and marketing campaign, but if you are listed on a reputable feedback site and you provide a consistently good service, then the word can quickly spread and your customers will promote your business for you.”