They say two heads are better than one, and this adage has rung true for two yoga teachers who have joined forces to open a new studio.

North London Yoga Studios in Vera Avenue, Grange Park, was launched this month by duo Jackie Lee and Indira Das-Guptia.

The pair have been teaching the discipline for more than 20 years and Ms Lee admitted that their new venture was a "dream come true."

She said: "I have been teaching yoga for 20 years and it is a dream come true to open my own studio with Indira.

"I have always wanted to have a studio that I can call home because, as most instructors will know, you’re often carrying around equipment to different studios every week, it’s not easy."

Not only will it be a base for the new business partners but they will be offering other instructors a discounted rate to hold their own classes.

Ms Lee added: "We have never run a business before but it is a very exciting venture. From my experience, studio rates are extortionate which can be disheartening. That is why we are offering a discount to other trainers.

"So far is has been quite hectic and we didn’t know what to expect. We hope this can be a successful and enjoyable business."